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It has always been my motto: “Relationship is the world’s truest currency”. My vision is to combine my skill as a business man, with a personal approach to the latest trends in the manufacturing of jewellery.

I grew up in Worcester, the son of a jeweller. The jewellery business

was in my blood.  We eventually bought a shop in Paarl, and, as a young and energetic businessman, my vision for the business grew ever bolder. I travelled the world to acquire as much knowledge and skill as

I possibly could, attending jewellery fairs in the United States, England, Hong Kong, and Thailand. My travels later led to a position at a jewellery store in England, where I gained valuable industry experience. During

that time, I also earned a Diploma in the History and Grading of

Diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Returning to South Africa with more newfound knowledge and more

passion than ever, I came one step closer to creating the business I

had envisioned. I opened a shop in a mall in Paarl. The shop thrived,

but the impersonal and mass-market atmosphere of a shopping mall

never quite suited my vision. In 2018, the time had come for a change.

I closed the doors of the shop in the mall and took the ultimate step. Wiekus Viljoen Private Jeweller was founded.

In this new capacity and without the excessive overhead costs of the

mass-market space, I am able to practise true craftsmanship with an emphasis on relationship, partnership and professionalism. I focus

on jewellery manufacturing and repairs, valuations and the selling of diamonds and coloured stones.

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